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The smallest feline
is a masterpiece

Leonardo da Vinci
Trudi Atkinson

photo credit: No_Water / Foter / CC BY-NC

Cat behaviour

Feline behaviour problems are distressing for cats and their owners and can be indicative that a cat is suffering from stress and/or anxiety. Stress can also have a damaging effect on a cat’s health and be a contributory factor in a number of recurrent and/or chronic physical conditions. (If your cat is unwell it is essential that you contact your veterinary surgeon.)

Cats are very different to dogs, both physically and behaviourally. Therefore it can be ineffective and further damaging to the cat’s welfare to attempt to treat a cat with a behavioural problem in the same way as you would a dog.

By treating you and your cat as individuals and by exploring all the possible factors influencing your cat’s behaviour we are more likely to discover and understand the underlying causes of the behaviour problem and so in turn apply the most gentle and effective treatment.

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